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eBook | Guide to Low-Volume Manufacturing

Prepare For The Jump To Full-Scale Production

Validate Your Low-Volume Manufacturing Processes and Root Out Production Challenges Before Making the Jump to Full-Scale Production

Low-Volume Manufacturing eBook PreviewAs your team progresses through the product development cycle, your creation evolves from sketches to renderings to prototypes and eventually, the real deal.

So how can you best prepare for the jump from refined prototypes to full-scale production? By validating your manufacturing process and proving your product’s design with a low-volume manufacturing partner.

Why work with Goddard for Low-Volume Manufacturing?

  • Flexibility and 1:1 attention.
  • Ease of use
  • We're ISO 13485 certified. 
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Access Goddard's Guide to Low-Volume Manufacturing

Learn more about low-volume manufacturing methods and how this practice is used to bridge the gap between development and full-volume production. This process can include:

  • Building customized pilot lines to evaluate and refine the manufacturing process
  • Installing and thoroughly vetting production equipment
  • Preparing production-related documentation for a smooth transition to full-volume manufacturing
  • Producing parts within required standards for clinical trials or testing within the desired market


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Prepare for full-scale production with a low-volume manufacturing partner

Access Goddard's Guide to Low-Volume Manufacturing

Where does Low-Volume Manufacturing fit into your development timeline? 

Low-Volume Manufacturing development timeline