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Guide | Product Development Timeline for Startups

Navigate the tricky development timeline and avoid setbacks and unnecessary costs.

Time management is crucial for bringing successful products to the market.

Understand where you need to be at every phase of product development with this guide.

goddard product development timeline startupsAs product developers, we know there's a lot to think about when it comes to evolving an idea into a fully-formed product.

We’ve built this timeline to be used as a starting point.

Instead of specific time ranges for Phases Zero through Five of the product development cycle, we’ve estimated the fraction of time startups should expect to spend in each phase as a percent of the entire product development process.

Product Development Timeline

Access our Product Development Timeline for Startups

  • Phase Zero: Product Definition
  • Phase One: Ideation & Conceptualization
  • Phase Two: Design Development
  • Phase Three: Refinement & Verification
  • Phase Four: Validation & Manufacturing Transfer
  • Phase Five: Production

Access Goddard's Product Development Timeline for Startups

View our step-by-step timeline for effective product development from the experts at Goddard.